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F1 Update
Altijd hebben auto’s mij al aangesproken vanaf jongst af aan ben ik er al fan van, en nadat ik Formule1 een keer had gezien wilde ik niet meer zonder, al was ik nog klein en wist de tijden niet helemaal, maar goed. Een paar jaartjes geleden begon ik met mijn eerste website’s te bouwen, toen was ik er nog niet zo goed in, maar het gaat steeds beter en er lukt steeds meer. Nu ben ik dus al een jaartje bezig met F1update, mijn grootste hobby. Elke dag als ik even tijd heb ben ik er weer aan bezig, vaak met dingen voor een nieuwe versie, maar met de huidige is dat even niet meer nodig, verbeteringen komen er altijd! Formule 1 is niet de enige sport die ik leuk vind, ook vind ik alle autosporten leuk, en vooral ook voetbal, ik was van plan daar ook een site van te maken, maar bij nader inzien heb ik besloten om alle aandacht te houden bij F1 update.



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14-Jul-2005 - Users flock to spam messages
08-Jun-2005 - Lenovo shows off its first Thinkpad
06-Apr-2005 - SAP steps up Oracle defector programme
15-Mar-2005 - Price hike ahead for LCD monitors
01-Dec-2004 - Microsoft Swats at Phony COAs
22-Nov-2004 - Kmart/Sears Success Is in the IT
09-Nov-2004 - Novell Desktop Linux ready to break Windows
29-Oct-2004 - Analysts: AMD's Just Not That Into IBM Anymore
26-Oct-2004 - Low-power screens boost notebook battery life
23-Oct-2004 - Global PC sales remain strong

10-May-2004 - Google Overhauls Blogger
06-Feb-2004 - A Redesign's Afoot for About.com
05-Feb-2004 - SuperPages.com's PPC Play
11-Dec-2003 - AOL Weds IM, Dating in Love.com
03-Dec-2003 - Hotmail Gets Anti-Spam Makeover
12-Nov-2003 - Shopping Comparison Site Priceflo Joins the Throng
22-Sep-2003 - DealTime Morphs Into Shopping.com
06-Sep-2003 - New look for SubmitIt.be
03-Sep-2003 - IBM, Linux to Power Library of Congress Archive
29-Aug-2003 - AstraZeneca to Launch Drug Online

25-May-2005 - Liquid metal cools gaming PCs
02-Jun-2004 - Moore's Law boosts gaming
18-Sep-2003 - Intel targets gamers with new Pentium
05-Sep-2003 - Sony takes the collar off its latest robot dog

19-Jan-2006 - Analyst warns of brutal mobile competition
19-Jan-2006 - Credit card providers choke on safer payments
19-Jan-2006 - Windows porn worm spreading fast
18-Jan-2006 - Google tunes into radio advertising
18-Jan-2006 - Apple exploits its hardware/software control
18-Jan-2006 - No major Windows XP update until mid-2007
19-Dec-2005 - HP hedges bets in Blu-ray/HDTV race
19-Dec-2005 - Google takes Gmail mobile
19-Dec-2005 - Microsoft in a 'tizzy' over open documents
28-Oct-2005 - RIM bows to Jpeg patent

28-Jul-2005 - What is a 2 tier affiliate program?
13-Jul-2005 - WebTrends Advises Sites to Move to First-Party Cookies
12-Jul-2005 - Industry giants get tough on spam
06-Jul-2005 - Women in IT website attracts 100,000 hits
06-Apr-2005 - DNS system in need of upgrade
01-Feb-2005 - WiMax set to challenge cable and DSL
23-Dec-2004 - Six million get Firefox browser
29-Nov-2004 - RSS: Feed Me the Money
29-Nov-2004 - Ads Making Overtures in RSS
25-Nov-2004 - Kazaa promises unlimited free internet calls

16-Aug-2005 - Lazy girl seeks same in boy form - 26
11-Nov-2003 - The Miracle Of Toilet Paper

22-Jul-2005 - Google Simplifies & Loosens Requirements for AdWords
22-Jul-2005 - A Buyer's Guide to Paid Search Advertising Agencies
22-Jul-2005 - Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Firm
22-Jul-2005 - Local Search, From Locals
22-Apr-2005 - Google prospers as ad sales soar
26-Jan-2005 - Google switches on TV search beta
01-Dec-2004 - China's Google Block Sparks Media Group's Protest
29-Nov-2004 - An Exceptionally "EEVL" Search Resource
24-Nov-2004 - Rating Search Engine Disclosure Practices
23-Nov-2004 - Google Desktop Security Warning Issued

13-Jul-2005 - EU raids Intel offices
21-Mar-2005 - Nokia ships 6680 3G smartphone
04-Dec-2004 - Bush Signs Net Access Tax Moratorium
17-Nov-2004 - Mobile phone sales rocket
15-Nov-2004 - One Access Point For All Wi-Fi
03-Nov-2004 - Nokia Provides Good Link to E-Mail
27-Oct-2004 - U2 Can iPod with Pictures
24-Oct-2004 - Hotspot market warming up, says analyst
08-Oct-2004 - Don't try to be Microsoft, mobile players warned
05-Oct-2004 - Mobile phone virus goes 'wild'

19-Jul-2004 - iTV: The Next Killer App?
22-Jan-2004 - AOL's Movie Deal

28-Sep-2004 - Virgin takes on iTunes with music download service
02-Sep-2004 - Redmond Waltzes Into Online Music
12-Jul-2004 - A Visual Search Engine for Music
25-May-2004 - Kids know downloading music is illegal
07-May-2004 - P2P Group Accuses Music Industry of Smut Smear
06-May-2004 - All Music, All But Invisible
31-Mar-2004 - P2P no threat to music sales
18-Mar-2004 - Sony to launch MP3 download site?
01-Mar-2004 - P2P Makes its Business Case
27-Feb-2004 - RIAA versus P2P: Same Old Song

11-Jul-2005 - Sick Trojan exploits London bombings
15-Mar-2005 - Hackers target Bluetooth devices 1km away
23-Feb-2005 - Four passwords needed to foil hackers
22-Feb-2005 - Cabir mobile phone virus hits the US
17-Jan-2005 - MyDoom mutant promises porn passwords
15-Dec-2004 - Christmas worm speaks in many tongues
13-Dec-2004 - Net widens to reel in the phishers
29-Nov-2004 - SCO Site Cracked
17-Nov-2004 - Spammers take aim at Christmas
15-Nov-2004 - Bofra worm bypasses antivirus systems

08-Jun-2004 - SourceForge 4.1 is closed source
17-May-2004 - DoubleClick Acquires Performics
23-Mar-2004 - Internet Players Use Acquisitions For Make Over
16-Feb-2004 - AOL Acquires BlackVoices.com
05-Feb-2004 - Oracle Offers $9.4 Billion for PeopleSoft
02-Jan-2004 - Sold to FreeMarkets: Covisint Auction Services
30-Dec-2003 - Vitesse Bids $66M for Cicada in Fast Switch Play
18-Dec-2003 - VeriSign Shells Out $140M For Guardent
01-Dec-2003 - European Portals On Same Team
19-Nov-2003 - AOL Buys Singingfish, Rolls Out More Search Changes

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