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Marathon Hotel 
Beschrijving: The recently renovated Marathon Hotel is conveniently situated just off the A7 highway to Groningen. Do you feel like sailing on the famous Frisian waters? Does a bicycle ride sounds nice? Or does a relaxed day in the Beauty Therm centre appael to you? Maybe a visit to the museum of the artist Jopie Huisman, or take a look at how pottery making has changed over the centuries. See the beautiful lakes and forests of Beetsterzwaag nearby, or the Frisian Islands and view nature at its best. This is all possible when you stay with us! Marathon Hotel is suited to anyone who enjoys a pleasant, private environment, and has an eye for the beautiful Frisian landscape. If you like cosy rooms and affordable accommodation, Marathon Hotel is your ideal place to stay. There is enough parking space around the hotel.
Toegevoegd op: 15-Jun-2007 Hits: 338
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Van der Valk Drachten 
Beschrijving: Van der Valk Drachten is situated on the edge of the countryside in the vicinity of green woods and crystal blue lakes. A very fine hotel amidst Holland's most attractive scenery. The hotel is easy to reach from Amsterdam, Groningen and Leeuwarden.
Toegevoegd op: 15-Jun-2007 Hits: 326
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