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Resort Groesbeek 
Beschrijving: In the hills of ?Het Rijk van Nijmegen?, at only a short distance from Nijmegen, Arnhem, Kleve and Weeze Airport, is Resort Groesbeek situated. A magnificent Resort which offers its guests comfortable rooms and suites with wellness facilities. The rooms each have their own kitchen. During your stay you can spoil yourself with a visit to one of our solarium, sauna or the indoor pool next door. A 2x18 holes golfcourse is very closeby.
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Hotel Restaurant De Wolfsberg 
Beschrijving: Built around 1860, this charming building has existed as a hotel and café-restaurant since 1930. The nostalgic ambiance is complemented by the hotel's unique location near a forest, with a beautiful terrace offering attractive views. De Wolfsberg is only a 10 minute drive from the oldest city of Holland, Nijmegen.
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