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Hotel Zeezicht 
Beschrijving: 'Zeezicht' (sea view) is an appropriate name for this hotel. The guest rooms overlook the harbours, with the ferries to Vlieland and Terschelling, as well as numerous fishing boats, coasters, sailing boats and more. This location gives the hotel a very special atmosphere. It has spacious, well appointed rooms and a good restaurant, where excellent meals are served. There is a good spot for windsurfing only a few minutes from the hotel.
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't Heerenlogement 
Beschrijving: Hotel 't Heerenlogement was built around 1750 and is located in the city centre of Harlingen. Previously this hotel was an official stop along the route of the 'Elfstedentocht' (an official ice skating route through 11 Frysian cities), where you had to collect your stamp. Harlingen is a dynamic port town and has a lot of cafes, restaurants and monuments. It is also the harbour of your departure to the Frysian Islands Terschelling and Vlieland. The hotel offers delicious meals with extra attention for local and regional dishes.
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Hotel Centraal 
Beschrijving: In the monumental city of Harlingen you'll find Hotel Centraal, a luxury three-stars Hotel with comfortable rooms and a cosy lounge with an open fireplace and bar. Hotel Centraal is a beautiful hotel with the old ambiance of ancient (sailing)ships aswell modern ships. Free internet is available. PLEASE INFORM THE HOTEL OF YOUR CHECK IN TIME
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Stadslogement 'Almenum' 
Beschrijving: Stadslogement 'Almenum' is situated in an 17th century building (oldest building of Harlingen) in a quiet area of the city center of Harlingen. Stadslogement 'Almenum' does have 10 appartments around a nice garden.
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