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Hotel Restaurant Gerardushoeve 
Beschrijving: HOTEL GERARDUSHOEVE distinguishes itself by its unique position, right in the middle of the Plateau of Heijenrath ?215 meters above Normal Amsterdam Level- within a stillness-area, which is proved as a nature reserve. This height turns out to be one big nature reserve in the middle of the little villages Epen, Slenaken and Gulpen. That?s why you are able to enjoy a magnificent sight over the extensive Gulp Valley from your room. Our hotel is situated in the so called Euregio, in the middle of the southern triangle Maastricht-Luik-Aachen, which offers you lots of possibilities to relax or participate in culture: from shopping to going for a walk, from going out to sleeping in, or visit a museum or theatre, in brief for everyone something one likes. On four minutes per car distance, at the highest point of the Mergellandroute you will find our PANORAMA-RESTAURANT GERARDUSHOEVE. Its position makes our restaurant that special, because it has a magnificent, panoramic view ont the foothills of the Belgium Ardennes and the German Eifel too. Moreover the natural traditional hospitality and the versatile menu, which manages to adjust quality and taste, provide the character of our restaurant.
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De Smockelaer 
Beschrijving: De Smockelaer (The Smuggler) near Sleanaken, is a beautifully restored Dutch farm complex set in the rolling hills of South Limburg at the most southern point of The Netherlands near to Maastricht. Only 250 meters to the Belgian border and a few miles from Germany it is perfectly situated for a visit to continental Europe. The name of the auberge was inspired by the romantic idea of the many smuggling activities which took place in years gone by in this border region. But all too often it was a real cat and mouse game where smugglers and border guards alternately pulled the short straw. During your stay in Auberge De Smockelaer it's worth the trouble to find out about some of the smuggling tales that still circulate in these parts.
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