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Hotel Royal 
Beschrijving: Royal, the sociable three stars family-hotel where almost anything is possible. Situated on the brink of the shopping-centre and at 150 metres of beach and boulevard. In the restaurant you find many fish and meat specialities, all prepared with daily fresh ingredients. For a drink or a small meal you are very welcome in the café, brasserie.
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Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom 
Beschrijving: These luxury apartments are situated right on the beach front of Vlissingen. All apartments enjoy views of the busy Westerschelde sea route and have a surface area of 90 square metres.
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Hotel Restaurant Piccard 
Beschrijving: Piccard is a friendly but professional family hotel. It is a reliable business hotel with no shortage of atmosphere. It is a brisk conference hotel with plenty of personal attention. Piccard is situated within walking distance from the city centre, the beach and the boulevard, but still in quiet surroundings. Vlissingen has several attractions and is a short distance from monuments. Whether it is for a business conference or a short holiday, Hotel Piccard is a hotel to remember and to return to.
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Hotel Eetcafé Michieltje 
Beschrijving: Hotel-restaurant Michieltje is located above our cosy restaurant and has 6 double rooms and one single room. The hotel also has a large terrace on the south and is situated in the middle of the entertainment and shopping centre of Vlissingen. All the rooms have shower, toilet, colour TV, and most of the rooms have a sea view.
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Hotel Boulevard 
Beschrijving: Hotel Boulevard Garni has a very friendly atmosphere. In this Family hotel you feel at home right away. This is an excellent hotel for a weekend, midweek or spending your holiday near the beach and dunes Hotel Boulevard Garni guarantees a nice and cosy stay. This hotel has three stars according to the ANWB-classification.
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Hotel De Leugenaar 
Beschrijving: Hotel De Leugenaar is situated at a truly unique location, at the edge of The Netherlands on the boulevard of Vlissingen. From our cosy restaurant, sun room and terrace, you can enjoy a splendid view over the sea and watch large seaships pass at a stone's throw away. The modern and unique surroundings of our hotel will help you to find your peace, and we are always around to attend to all your needs.
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Grand Hotel Arion 
Beschrijving: Situated at the grand boulevard of Vlissingen, Grand Hotel Arion has a really splendid view, overlooking the sea. It goes without saying that this four-star hotel offers you all comfort and luxury that you may expect from a hotel of four-star level. The hotel has 64 beautiful rooms all of which have a very complete bathroom, television, telephone, radio... Our outstanding restaurant offers you a variety of specialities of the chef, who will see to it that you and your guests will have a wonderful evening. The elegant bar has a unique atmosphere in which you are sure to relax and have a pleasant time.
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